We gladly accept consignments from Authors and artists.  We will display your work at the store and sale it for you.  You set the price and we sale it for you.  The store keeps 40% of the sale price and pays you the remainder via PayPal or Check.

Authors:  We accept consignments from LOCAL Authors for works up to 5 years old.  We consider local to mean living in Western NC.  If you are outside of WNC and would like to be considered a Local Author, then please send an email with your information.

We will accept consignments from all other authors for works within the FIRST year of publication.

Artists:  We accept consignments of original works from the artist.  In addition we will consider reproductions and prints by the artist if accompanying the original work.

Other:  All other consignments will be considered on a case by case basis.

If you wish to have your work considered for consignment, please submit a sample for review.  You may do so by bringing a sample copy to the book store or by emailing us a sample (books emailed should be PDF). *Advanced or sample copies will not be returned to the author/artist.  We do not accept work which is not family friendly (in good taste) or artwork containing nudity. We reserve the right to refuse consignment of any work. 

Please fill out the following forms if you wish for your work to be considered for consignment.  Only one Consignment Agreement form needs be filled out, but please fill out a Consignment Works sheet for each work you wish to have consigned.